Decision Maths tuition

I offer decision maths tuition, covering Decision Maths 1. Decision Maths 2 tuition can also be offered depending on the topic(s) you wish you cover.

I offer face-to-face tuition (in the West Midlands / Warwickshire area), tuition via email or phone, and online tuition via Skype or Google Hangout.

What is Decision Maths?

Decision Maths, sometimes known as Discrete Maths, finds applications from computer science to cartography (map drawing) to economics. Have you ever imagined:

  • how to travel from one underground station to another at the fastest possible time
  • the distribution of goods from a factory or factories to different retail outlets
  • how many people to allocate to a given project so that the work is finished on time and on budget
  • how a sales director visits all the sales station in his district using the shortest possible routes.
  • how to set up your robot to drill holes in your PCB so that work will be completed in the shortest possible time.
  • when to decide to release your goods to the outside world taking into account what your competitors are doing.

All the above are examples where the skills of Decision Maths are applied. The mathematics involved is not complicated, and certainly at the Level of Decision Maths 1, there is no calculus involved. What is required is a logical reasoning.

The broad outline of the topics studied include:

  • algorithms
  • graphs and graph theory, networks*
  • critical path analysis *
  • linear programming and simplex algorithm
  • minimum spanning tree
  • various packing algorithms
  • sorting algorithm
  • shortest path*
  • route inspection problem (so called "Chinese Postman problem")*
  • travelling sales person problem

* These topics can also be studied for Level 3 of the Free Standing maths qualifications (Decision Maths module) All the topics above are studied at Decision maths 1 Module of Further Maths (A/S)