Tuition options

I offer a variety of tuition options and am happy to be flexible. Before the first tuition session we'll have a chat about what you want to get out of tuition and if there are any topics you feel you want to concentrate on.

One-to-one tuition

In each session we'll use books, worksheets and past exam questions to work through a topic(s) you feel you want a bit of extra help with. At the end of each session I'll point you in the direction of some useful resources (such as books, videos, podcasts and websites) and often give you a worksheet or some past paper questions to complete and send back to me. In the next session we'll work through your answers.

I will travel to your house for the tuition session. All we'll need is a table, chairs and somewhere quiet to work. Tuition sessions last an hour.

Small group tuition

I am happy to provide tuition for small groups of students, up to a maximum of ten people. All the students will need to be studying towards the same exam and the same tier of exam paper (ie: lower, intermediate, higher).

I will travel to you for the tuition session. All we'll need is a table, chairs and somewhere quiet to work. Group tuition sessions last between one and two hours. We can talk about what will work best for your group.

Tuition over phone, email, Skype or Google Hangout

We'll start by having a chat about the topics you feel you want help with. Alternatively I can send you a past exam paper to complete, and based on your results we'll work out which topics you need a little extra help with.

Next I'll email you helpful guides and resources (such as book extracts, videos, podcasts and websites) along with past exam questions and exercises which I'll ask you to complete and send back to me. I'll mark your work return it to you. Over email or phone we'll then talk through any wrong answers and you can ask any questions you might have.

When should I start tuition and how many sessions should I have?

You can start tuition whenever you want to, from right at the beginning of the school year or term, to a few weeks before your exam. You can also have as many tuition sessions as you like, though I recommend you try at least two or three so we can build on what you've learnt week to week.

Every student is different, so I'm happy to be flexible. If you're not sure about what's best for you, please get in touch to discuss. To give you an idea, here are some tuition options popular with students:

Full school year or term tuition

We start tuition right at the beginning of the school year. This gives us plenty of time to work through the whole syllabus thoroughly well before examination time. We can also start at the beginning of a term. You may want tuition every week or every fortnight. It's up to you.

Revision booster sessions

Some students like to use a short series of tuition sessions to boost their revision in the run up to exams. We can use our sessions to go through past exam papers and spend time working on any areas of maths you need a little extra help with.

I normally recommend at least three or four revision booster sessions in the weeks leading up to your exam.

Short-term tuition to cover a particular topic

If there's a particular topic you're struggling with at school, it's best to try to get to grips with it straight away, before the rest of your class move on. In maths you'll often find that one topic feeds into, or forms the foundation for, the next, so it's best to keep up as you go.

We can use a short number of tuition sessions (I recommend two or three) to help you get to grips with a tricky topic.