How parents can help

Revision and exam time can be a stressful for both students and parents! As a parent there's plenty you can do to help and support your child, both during their revision and on exam day.

Helping your child revise

  • Get involved! Ask your child to teach you something you don't understand. You'll learn something new, and it's an excellent way for your child to test (and show off!) what they know.
  • Consider getting your child a maths tutor. I offer a range of maths tuition options from year long tuition to short-term revision booster sessions, face-to-face or over email and phone.
  • Help (or encourage) your child to make a revision timetable. A timetable helps to make sure everything gets covered and nothing is missed. Don't forget to include regular breaks in the timetable. A 15 minute break every hour can help to refresh the mind.
  • Remember it's also important to make sure your child is spending time away from their revision (playing sport, seeing friends, chilling out).
  • Try to make sure your child is getting enough sleep, as this will make them feel more alert and focused. Some researchers also think the brain "consolidates" new information during sleep, so improving memory.
  • Make sure your child has somewhere appropriate and comfortable to work. They'll need a quiet space, away from distractions (TV, noisy siblings), with a desk and somewhere to store books and folders.
  • It helps if your child is eating regular, healthy meals. Breakfast is an important meal, particularly on the morning of an exam.
  • Make sure your child has all the equipment they need. Your child's teacher will be able to tell you exactly what's required.
  • Attend parents' evenings - your child's teacher will be able to tell you what's going well and if there are any areas where extra work is needed.

On the day of an exam

  • Make sure your child has all the equipment they need with them. Everything must be in a clear plastic bag or pencil case.
  • Your child can take a bottle of water into the exam with them. Some researchers think that drinking water can help to improve performance in an exam.
  • Exams shouldn't be taken on an empty stomach! Encourage your child to eat a healthy breakfast or lunch before their exam.
  • You may be feeling just as nervous as your child, but try to keep calm! If you seem nervous, your child will pick up on it.
  • After the exam if your child thinks they've done well, great! If they're less confident, it's important to provide support and reassurance. People rarely feel they've done well in exams, and once it's done, it's done! Encourage your child to put that exam behind them and concentrate on the next.